Home Screen: This is the graphic displayed on the photo booth between sessions, inviting the next guest to take a picture. 

Print Template: This graphic design is paired up with the photos that have been taken to create the final product received by each guest. 

Email Template: An additional header and footer that encapsulates the emailed photo. 

Icons: Select booths offer custom icons for each booth experience or function. Common icons include “still photo”, “GIF sessions”, “Burst GIF”, and “Gallery”. 

Custom Props: Custom props can be added to select booths that the guests can use during or after their photo booth session.

FotoFunStation & Roaming Photo Booth

Elements Supported: Home Screen, Print Template, Email Template, Icons, Custom Props

Home Screen

JPG file, 1536×2048 pixels (portrait), in RGB color mode, and sRGB color space.  Leave a space about 450px tall at the bottom of the home screen for the booth icons.  The width of this space is dependent on the number of icons that will be visible (up to four icons).

Sample Files / Templates:

Print Template

4×6″ postcard size prints: PNG file, 1920×1280 pixels (for landscape, swap for portrait), RGB color mode, sRGB color space.  Leave transparent holes where you want the photos inserted.

FotoFunSize & FotoFunSize II

Supported Graphics: Home Screen, Thank You Screen, Print Template, Custom Props

Mirror Booth

Supported Graphics: Print Template, Custom Props