FotoFunSize Graphic Element Design

FotoFunSize offers two graphic elements that may be custom built, the Screen Template (ie. “home” screen) and the photo template (aka. the “print” template).

Screen Template (Optional)

The screen template is what people see between sessions, on the screen of the photo booth.  This template is optional; without it, your event will have a generic FotoFunSpot home screen.  The booth will overlay instructions on top of this image (ex: “Attendant will start your sessions” and “Your photos are printing now”), so leave a little bit of space for this text to pop into.  Recommended to have any event-specific text (ex: “HUGS Annual Picnic”) printed into the screen image.

  • Image Size (FotoFunSize): 1280 wide x 800 tall (pixels)
  • Color Mode: RGB (likely default for most applications)
  • File Type: PNG or JPG

Photo Template

The captured photos are inserted into this template before being printed.  The finished image (ie. with the photos inserted) is also what gets texted or emailed.  There are three strategies for building this template: overlay only, background only, or both.  The background strategy places the captured photos on top of the background and saves the result.  The overlay strategy puts the photos down first, and places the overlay on top of the photos, and saves the result.  Overlays must be built with transparent areas that allow the photos to “show through”.  The combination, background and overlay strategy places the background down first, applies the photos on top, then places the overlay on top of that to get the final result.  I find this option the easiest to mentally visualize, plan, and create.

  • Image Size (Postcards): 1800 x 1200 pixels (can be either landscape or portrait orientation)
  • Image Size (Strips): 1800 x 600 pixels (can be either landscape or portrait orientation)
  • Color Mode: RGB (likely default for most applications)
  • File Type: JPG or PNG (overlays must be in PNG format with no pixels, not even white, where the photos are to “show through”)

The camera in FotoFunSize captures photos in 2:3 aspect ratio, in landscape orientation.  Essentially this means that the photo is 1.5x wider than it is tall.  This is important as it relates to planning where your photos will be placed on your final copy.  If you create a box 600 pixels tall, it needs to be 900 pixels wide (ie. 600×1.5)  to contain the entire photo.  If it is not this shape, a portion of the photo will be cropped off in order to make the photo fill the box.  That said, you are not *required* to keep the photo spots in 2:3 aspect.  If you use a different aspect ratio (ex: square 1:1), be sure to make all the photo spots the same shape, *and* the live view on the screen template will need to be adjusted to match (otherwise people that think they are in the photo will get cropped out when the image it inserted into the template).


Please plan to submit your graphic elements no later than one week prior to your event.  After they are received, our team will add them to the photo booth and create a proof photo for your approval.  Late submissions may not have time for approval before the day of the event.

Submission & Questions

Once your graphic elements are ready, please email them to  info@fotofunspot, and be sure to indicate the name of your event, and the date.

If you have any questions regarding the information here, please email the same address, or contact your FotoFunSpot representative directly.